Every Kid Deserves a


Connecting people in meaningful relationships to transform lives!


“A Mentor

is someone that allows you to see the HOPE inside yourself. ” -Oprah Winfrey


Our Programs

LINC Northwest offers various trainings and programs. Working with community members we aim to help inform groups about important work they can do with our help.

We lead multiple trainings and programs all centered around community and youth development.



Every kid deserves a mentor! We believe that by training, networking, and matching adults to engage students we can transfrom our community! Our goal is #EveryKidAMentor! We beleive that a consistent hour a week can be the game changer in the life of a student.

40 Developmental Assets

We base all of our programs on the 40 Developmental Assets Framework. Assets are proven to enrich the lives of children and youth. We are equiped to train teams, staff, community groups, classrooms, and more in the Asset Framework and look forward to a community rich with Asset minded adults!


As We Go

Throughout our time in the greater Snohomish County community it has always been our goal to help grow and empower those around us.

During our work we do our best to document and show what we do as we go!


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Volunteer opportunities

Wether it’s mentoring or contributing at an event opportunities are always available.

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