North County Youth and the Harry Potter Evening

Music composed by John Williams swirls through the air as young witches and wizards arrived sunday afternoon.

Before the evening could begin they all stood over a “cauldron” mixing the ever famous Butterbeer. The drink, featured many times in the Harry Potter series, was finished and served to the delight of the group. A thick cream made of delicious spells was dolloped on top and the festivities began.

Wearing the colors of their perspective wizarding houses the youth grouped together and sat at their tables. Waiting ready for the various questions posed by Professor Ryan Brown.

The scores for correct trivia answers were kept on a whiteboard for all to see. Listening anxiously for each question the witches and wizards raised their hands ready to give a, hopefully, correct response. Knowing the prize where Dairy Queen Blizzard coupons they were discerning in their answers.

Professor Brown gave a recap of the game’s meaning and how we don’t always have the right answers in life. Giving the young students a helpful phrase for troubling times:

“Given my past experiences, current circumstances, and future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing to do?”

Heads bowed, the group reflected as Professor Brown lead the group in prayer. All remembering the stories and lessons from Harry Potter and how we can translate those stories to our journey with God.

The young witches and wizards in prayer together.

The young witches and wizards in prayer together.