Our Mission:

To lead students and youth to a place where they feel supported and heard.

Through mentoring we help students empower themselves to act in their own lives and for their own good.

The use of the 40 Developmental Assets gives us concrete ways to positively impact youth. We strive for excellence to ensure the students are being served by our best selves! Giving our time for these transformative years in their lives is instrumental in what we do.

Just one hour a week can send positive ripples in ways we cannot imagine. Through trainings, interviews, and selection processes we find mentors for students who need a caring adult in their life. By doing this we create matches aimed, and created, for success!

Though mentoring is not all we do. We offer various student resources and outreach programs. Making sure the 40 assets can be closer to fruition in all the lives we serve. Bringing adults who care into the lives of students we facilitate a stronger future for youth!

If you feel called to help students click here to fill out a Mentor interest form.